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Technology Partners

We partner with best-of-breed technology vendors and solution providers to extend our core platform and meet your business needs.

What is a Jive Certified Solution

Jive Technology Partner Certified Solution
Jive Certified Solutions are developed by third-party partners that have been rigorously reviewed to work with the Jive platform.  Our comprehensive process leverages external industry experts and all aspects of Jive from marketing, sales, engineering, product management and support.  With Jive Certified Solutions, rest assured that partners, customers and Jive will truly work better together!


Integration / Support

Jive Software

When it comes to building and supporting quality integrations on the Jive platform, no one does it better than Jive.  Through a joint team comprised of Engineering, Product Management, Marketing and Support, Jive has instrumented a review process to insure that all certified solutions work seamlessly with the high-quality Jive user experience, including customer service.



Dun Bradstreet

Technology partnerships are not just about technology.  They are also about business.  Insuring that a business operates with healthy financial responsibility is essential to Jive’s Technology Partnership program.  Jive leverages Dun & Bradstreet rating and financial reports to assess all certified solution partners to help sustain partnership growth that benefits our customers.


Infrastructure / Security

Skyhigh Networks

Integrating technologies always comes with challenges, but assessing security and enterprise readiness doesn’t have to be one of them.  Jive has partnered with the Skyhigh Networks CloudTrust Appraisal Program to lower this risk and streamline the evaluation process by providing an objective and detailed set of criteria developed in conjunction with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).


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