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Jive Pricing

Interactive Intranet Features & Capabilities

Core Capabilities

Help employees discover and connect with all the people, expertise, content, and know-how they need to do their jobs. Drive collaboration at every level: team, departmental, enterprise-wide and beyond. Keep your entire workforce—even remote and deskless workers—informed and aligned 24X7 with Jive’s full-featured mobile app.

People And Knowledge Discovery

  • Integrated employee directory: Find colleagues and experts using rich profiles that include skills, endorsements, activity, content, and more.
  • Search: Find information fast with type-ahead search that returns prioritized results based on the Jive WorkGraph. A filterable search page provides more granular results, including results from other search engines via federation. You can provide a prescribed search experience with promoted keyword and synonym search, too.
  • Upload and share files: Upload any file and share in Jive. People can preview, download, and comment.
  • Follow people, places and content: Real-time notifications keep you up-to-the-minute on colleagues, activity, and topics of interest.
  • Structured outcomes: Mark content as official, final, outdated, and more.


  • News: Create up to 10 curated news streams and autosubscribe users based on role, geography, and other attributes.
  • Blog posts: Give executives and employees a platform to share ideas, inspire, and inform with media-rich blogs.
  • Video: Upload and share videos (extra video storage and bandwidth available at additional cost).
  • Urgent Notifications: Broadcast time-sensitive communications via high-visibility channels such as text and voice – right from Jive.


  • Places: Quickly configure and launch collaborative spaces, groups, and projects tailored to your teams, departments, and communities of practice. Create your own customized places using our ready-made templates, or choose from pre-built pages for employee onboarding, sales enablement, HR portal, IT help desk, and more.
  • External Contributors: Collaborate with outside contributors (contractors, agencies, partners) with complete security and privacy.
  • Documents: Jointly create, edit, and comment on documents.
  • Discussions: Hold one-on-one or group conversations.
  • Ideas: Crowdsource innovation by enabling users to submit and vote on ideas.
  • Polls: Test ideas and proposals by polling users.
  • Events: Schedule and manage events.
  • Tasks: Assign and track actions.


  • Jive Daily App: Tap the full power of Jive anytime and anywhere from iOS and Android devices.

Advanced Features Included In Package

Jive goes far beyond the basics, bundling a rich array of advanced capabilities to help you drive adoption and create a thriving community that’s tailored to your business and IT needs. Use rich metrics and analytics to understand and optimize processes, interactions, and engagement. Drive employee engagement and productivity with built-in rewards and incentives. Unite your systems and apps in a single centralized hub, providing cohesive collaboration and information access across systems of record, apps, and devices. Ensure compliance, security, and privacy.


  • Impact metrics: Get real-time metrics on the reach and impact of documents, blogs, and content, including sentiment score, views, and shares.
  • Engagement analytics: Track user engagement and interactions.
  • Community health: Analyze key indicators of community growth and health. (Cloud only)
  • Insights Advanced: Monitor employee sentiment, identify influencers and trending issues. (Cloud only)

Engagement And Rewards

  • Points, badges, leaderboards, quests: Incentivize desired behaviors with points, levels, badges, leaderboards, and customized quests. Users can award each other badges, too, driving engagement and teamwork.


Turn your Jive instance into a true hub that unites information from multiple tools and apps, providing cohesive collaboration across your IT landscape. Our growing library of integrations provides connectivity between the Jive platform and a range of 3rd-party systems and apps, including:

Productivity & Document Collaboration
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online
  • Google Drive & Docs
  • Google Groups
  • SharePoint Connector
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2010/2013 & Outlook on the Web
  • Gmail
Cloud Storage
  • Dropbox
Real-Time Communications and Conferencing
  • Jabber
  • Skype for Business
  • WebEx
  • Salesforce Opportunities & Chatter Connector
Other Systems
  • Exchange DL
  • Jive Anywhere (brings Jive collaboration to every website).
  • LinkedIn
  • StreamOnce: Stream external activity from these and other apps into Jive:
    • Bugzilla
    • Evernote
    • Facebook
    • Jira Bug Sync
    • Twitter
  • Basic User Sync Add-Ons*
Support for Custom Integrations
  • Developers can build integrations with third-party systems using Jive’s SDKs, REST API, and webhooks. Includes access to the Jive iPaaS.

Security & Compliance

  • Basic and advanced user permissions: Fine-grained permission control (e.g., who can create content, comment, create groups, etc.).
  • CDN caching and anti-virus for uploaded files
  • eDiscovery: Search Jive for content related to specific users, and export the results for use in third-party eDiscovery management tools.
  • Encryption at rest: protect data at rest with no operational impact
  • VPN: Allows Jive to access resources in your customer’s internal network (e.g., directory services).*
  • Private certificate for custom domain name*
  • Complies with accessibility standards
  • Complies with ISO, SOC2, and other certifications
  • IP Restrictions: Control which IP addresses are accessible from your Jive Community.

Configuration & Internationalization

  • Administrators can select from professionally-designed themes to customize Jive’s WCAG- and 508-compliant interface. Custom domain name and internationalization for Jive-supported languages are included.
  • Vanity URL: Give your Jive community a custom URL.*
  • Content translation service

*One-time set-up fee required