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Jive-n is the most powerful tool ever invented for communication and collaboration. It makes working with other people simpler, faster and a lot more productive, and it’s really easy to use.

It’s really easy to try out, too. Sign up for a free, no-strings-attached 30-day trial to take advantage of all the fantastic capabilities of Jive-n, from our core collaboration functions to our integrated mobile apps. You can immediately start working better together with your team or department, or even create a stunning interactive intranet that engages and energizes your whole company.

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Just fill out the form, and we'll create secure, private collaborative network for you and your team. Invite your colleagues in and experience a new and better way to work. If you like it, you can buy it and keep using it. If you don't, there's no obligation to continue.

Game-Changing Impacts

Jive-n provides everything you need for high-performance collaboration with teams of any size. It even has ready-to-use sites for Corporate Communications, HR, sales and your IT help desk, along with pre-built integrations to your everyday apps like Outlook, Office and Gmail. These and other capabilities have helped top companies and millions of people around the world achieve breathtaking business results. Learn more about Jive-n features.
34% decrease in search time
Jive customers spend a lot less time searching for information and people.
38% increase in employee satisfaction
Jive customers report big jumps in job satisfaction and engagement.
$3.6M saved in employee support costs
Jive customers save millions of dollars in employee support costs.