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Industry: Technology
  • 81% jump in engagement
  • Whole company aligned & involved
  • Improved HR support and onboarding

Jive Social Intranet

GoDaddy: Company Culture Flourishes, Team Spirit Reigns in Interactive Intranet

A Global Workforce, Aligned and Engaged

While expanding globally at a rapid pace, GoDaddy wanted to keep a sense of close connection and the spirit of a small team. “The challenge,” says Auguste Goldman, GoDaddy’s Chief People Officer, “was getting 5,000 individuals distributed all over the world to feel that they’re part of one organization, engaged in a single marketplace of ideas.”

That’s exactly what GoDaddy managed to do with a Jive-powered Interactive Intranet known as “The Planet.” Goldman describes it as “one place for all of our employees to come and be a part of our culture, contribute to the success of their team, share ideas and execute our vision.”

“A Mosh Pit of Ideas”

The Planet is home base for GoDaddy’s workforce. It’s where employees go to read the latest company news, find HR resources, get to know colleagues, recognize each other’s accomplishments and take part in groups and discussions on a wealth of topics.

Within months of launching in July, 2015, The Planet was already having a big impact on employee engagement, cohesion and alignment. For example, engagement increased by 81% in GoDaddy’s customer care group. People are better connected, better informed and better able to contribute ideas and execute the company’s mission. “I call it our ‘mosh pit of ideas,’” says Goldman. “It’s a channel for directly engaging our 5,000-plus employees, hearing their voices and benefitting from their insights.”

"Jive has made a real difference at our company in a very short period of time. People feel more connected to each other. People feel like they have a voice to bring up their ideas, to respond to others. Jive isn’t just platform to read, it’s a platform to be involved.”
Auguste Goldman
Chief People Officer