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Industry: Education
  • Replaced 130 separate intranets
  • Consolidated global employee directory
  • Collaborative hub for 40,000 people in 70 countries

Jive Social Intranet

Pearson: Disconnects Are a Thing of the Past with Global Social Intranet Powered by Jive

"Before Jive, it was difficult to get your job done. It was difficult to find people. And now, you can just log in. Jive is always on. It’s always available. It’s on your mobile phone. It’s on your desktop. And it just makes life so much easier."
Kim England
Global Community Director

From Fragmentation to Connection

Pearson has expanded rapidly by acquisition, and the result was an increasingly disjointed patchwork: tens of thousands of employees in 70 countries using more than 130 intranets. Connection and collaboration took a huge leap when the company replaced its disparate systems with a single Jive social intranet.

Today, Pearson’s 40,000 staff members work together in one place, regardless of their physical location. The social intranet serves as the company’s global directory, collaborative hub and go-to destination for company communications and information. The results include night-and-day improvements in onboarding, overall productivity, employee engagement, sales enablement and strategic alignment.

One Company, Together in Jive

A Jive Interactive Intranet has brought together thousands of employees in dozens of countries.