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Industry: Technology
  • 81% increase in employee connectedness
  • 72% of workforce feels more effective
  • 10,000 remote employees better engaged
  • Reduced reliance on email

Jive Interactive Intranet

Ricoh: Jive Interactive Intranet is Mission-Critical

Interactive Portal for People and Information

In the wake of a massive merger, Ricoh needed a way to unite its 109,000-strong workforce in 120 countries. The answer was a Jive Interactive Intranet, supporting seamless connection, company-wide cohesion and a multitude of business processes.

Jive provides a high-impact channel for executive and corporate communications, as well as employee-to-employee communication and collaboration. It gives everyone immediate access to business-critical content and information, even through mobile devices. It’s Ricoh’s central portal to other systems, too, via Jive integrations, and it’s enabled the company to engage thousands of formerly disconnected remote employees.

With the launch of Jive we have not only have our best intranet but also a new layer of collaboration that's connecting our senior leadership down to every level of the organization and allowing bidirectional communication in a way we never had in the past.
Courtney Zentz
Senior Manager of Collaboration