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Technical Consulting

Jive’s team of highly-skilled engineers and system architects can help ensure the success of your rollout. We offer a variety of service packages covering the installation, configuration, system integration and customization of your solution.


Let us handle the details — Jive engineers can install, configure and tune your Jive instance to ensure maximum capacity and success. Contact Jive Sales for a quote.

Jive social business solutions offer a potentially bewildering array of features, customization points and performance tuning settings. Our staff can help configure your installation to best support your unique needs. Common examples include:

  • Site structure/space configuration
  • Moderation settings
  • Permission settings
  • Clustering settings
  • Cache tuning
  • Theme configuration
  • Web services settings


We have extensive systems integration experience, and can help tie our product into enterprise systems ranging from the most common to the more esoteric. Here are some of our most common integrations:

  • SSO (Single Sign-on)
  • Search Engines
  • CMS (Content Management Systems)


Moving to Jive does not mean you must sacrifice your existing content. We can migrate existing content out of virtually any system into Jive, providing continuity for your end-users. Common platforms include:

  • Lithium
  • Confluence
  • phpBB
  • vBulletin


To meet your unique requirements, our engineers can both advise you as well as implement customizations. Rely on our expertise to maximize the forward compatibility of the customization so you can stay aligned with Jive’s product roadmap.